Erykah Badu has a very interesting funeral planned for herself
Posted by Susan on 26-11-2016 Like a true artist, Erykah Badu already has the components to make her final moments iconic.

On the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly: The Show, Badu joined senior editor Kevin O’Donnell to discuss her upcoming returning hosting gig of the Soul Train Awards, her greatest musical influences, and what the end of her career would look like.
In a round of rapid fire questions chronicling the artist’s career, O’Donnell dives into what Badu’s final moments would look and feel like. “How about the music that would play at your funeral?” he asks.
The singer-songwriter thinks for a moment, but says she has to describe the funeral itself before the song choice would make sense. “I want to be butt naked. I want my arms to be glued to my chest like this,” explains Badu, motioning with her arms crossed across her chest. Badu clarifies the body wouldn’t actually be there, just a wax figure that would represent her. Read more.