Erykah Badu rocks Oaktopia with old school mixes
Posted by Susan on 28-09-2016 DJ Low Down Loretta Brown, otherwise known as Erykah Badu, performed at Oaktopia Saturday on the UNT Stage. Badu not only acquired a large crowd at her show, but also brought something unique to Oaktopia.

Badu, who was born in Dallas, goes by several names, such as Analog Girl in a Digital World, Annie and Medulla Oblongata.
Her journey into stardom started in 1994, when she opened for D’Angelo in her hometown. Soon after, she signed for a record deal and her debut album,  “Baduizm,” was born. Badu is considered by many to be the mother of neo-soul.
Badu has many classics in her repertoire that fans were happy to sing and dance along to at Oaktopia. Titles such as “Window Seat,” “Tyrone,” “Didn’t Cha Know” and “Appletree” are always crowd-pleasers.
No matter where you go, someone is sure to be familiar with Badu’s music. Many in previous generations, as well as millennials, grew up listening to her albums.
“I’ve known Erykah for more than 20 years,”DJ Big Texas said. “I’ve been working with her most of her career, since about 1997. We definitely enjoyed the show, the crowd was into what she was doing.”
Badu dressed comfortably, but her style was not lacking. She arrived with her bodyguard and ready to mix in baggy sweat pants, a light jacket and traditional Japanese wooden shoes. Her hair, styled into micro braids, fell all the way to her lower back. Around her neck, she wore several chains, one of which was a large clear quartz crystal with a small Ankh attached.
Once she took the stage, her DJ face was on and she was ready to perform. All of the music she played were her own original mixes. Much of the music that she mixed with, however, were old school jams including Biggie Smalls, Marvin Gaye and A Tribe Called Quest. Read more.