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Hello! :)
My name is Susan and I come from a lovely town of Szczecinek in Poland. I am the webmaster of and one of Erykah's biggest fans :). First of all thank you for visiting the site and this section - probably not the most popular one ;).
I have been running this fansite since the beginning. Certainly I can call it my "baby", because practically every part of it is my work - from the content of sections to the layout. But how it all started?
In 2003 I started to get interested in making websites. I had a South Park site, music websites etc. In December 2003 my father took me to the Erykah Badu's concert in Warsaw. I didn't know Erykah but enjoyed the thought that I will go to any concert at all ;). I was shocked, because what Erykah did onstage was amazing! Despite great songs she was so natural, funny and so full of energy. She even took off her trousers and forced other band members to do that LOL :). I was really impressed. After I came back home I've scanned the Internet to learn sth more about Erykah. But there was no good official website nor any fansite. So I took a chance and created a website (imagine that domain was free at that time :O shock). Around 2009 the site has become the official Badu fansite, since both Badu and her management have appreciated my work and honoured me and my website with this "title" :).
Since that moment I have been cooperating with the Badu team on the content, photos, info etc. However, I'm still just a fan, like all of you, who had a great opportunity to meet her favourite artist. So remember, dreams do come true. You just have to believe they will!
Once again, thank you for visiting! I hope to see you again very soon!