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Director: Nirit Peled
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2009

Cast: Erykah Badu, Estelle, Sparky Dee, rah "Rah Digga" digga, Jean Grae, MC Lyte
Erykah as: herself

The plot
Sisters, mothers, businesswomen, music artists—in a hip hop and RnB industry world by men and noted for misogyny, the unstoppable female lyricists of SAY MY NAME speak candidly about class, race, and gender in pursuing their passions as female MCs. From hip hops birthplace in the Bronx to grime on Londons Eastside, emerging artists to world renowned stars like MC Lyte and Monie Love, these are women turning adversity into art.


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Episode: #166
Season: 8
Year: 2007

Cast: Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Jill Marie Jones, Reggie Hayes
Erykah as: herself

The plot
At a gathering to celebrate William and Monica's pregnancy, Maya makes a joke that the baby is hers. Worried that Maya is having trouble dealing with the loss of their baby, Darnell confronts Maya and learns that she has been taking pills to help her cope. Meanwhile, Lynn and Joan attend an Erykah Badu concerts, and Lynn's manager announces that a record label wants to offer her a deal. Darnell tells William about how a women's body changes after pregnancy leaving. William to fear that his sex life will never be the same.


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Director: Michel Gondry
Genre: Documentary / Comedy
Release date: 3 March 2006

Cast: Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, The Roots, The Fugees
Erykah as: herself

The plot
The film follows Chappelle during the summer of 2004, up until September 18, 2004, when he threw a block party on the corner of Quincy Street and Downing Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, near the Broken Angel House. The film was produced before Chappelle's highly-publicized decision to walk away from a $50 million deal to continue his hit Chappelle's Show, and gained prominence after the announcement. He invited several alternative hip hop and neo-soul musical artists to perform at the party, including Kanye West, Mos Def, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and The Roots along with The Central State University Marching Band. Lauryn Hill was also scheduled to perform at the party, but since Columbia Records refused to release her songs for use in the production, she decided instead to reunite The Fugees for the occasion. In addition, Chappelle performed comedy monologues and sketches in between the musical acts.


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Director: David Duchovny
Genre: Drama
Release date: 2 February 2005

Cast: Robin Williams, David Duchovny, Tea Leoni, Anton Yelchin
Erykah as: Lady Bernadette

The plot
A man tries to resolve the turmoil of his present relationships by looking for keys to the past. He flashes back to his often hilarious and deeply touching teen escapades with his best friend (Robin Williams), a slow-witted janitor at his high school. Duchovny makes his directorial debut with this emotional and at times comical fable about New York City and the sweeping power of friendship.


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Genre: Children, Animated
Year: 2003

Erykah as: herself

The plot
This is a DVD from the "Dragon Tales" television series, where a brother and sister imagine themselves going into Dragon Land and meeting their dragon friends in their imagination. This title, exclusive to the DVD, is mixed with live footage featuring Alishia Taiping (as Nina) meeting children who are curious about music and how to play instruments. Along the way, "Nina" meets up with Dan Zanes and Erykah Badu, the latter walking around the park with her son, Seven. Contains 15 songs from the "Dragon Tales" series, good entertainment for the entire family.


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Director: Lasse Hallström
Genre: Drama / Romance
Release date: 10 December 1999

Cast: Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron, Michael Caine, Paul Rude, Delroy Lindo
Erykah as: Rose Rose

The plot
Homer Wells (Tobey Maguire), an orphan, is the film's protagonist. He grew up in an orphanage directed by Dr. Wilbur Larch (Michael Caine). Dr. Larch is also secretly an abortionist, and believes that he is doing "The Lord's Work" and trains Homer in the realm of gynecology/abortions in a paternal sense. The film continues as Homer decides to leave the orphanage with Candy Kendall (Charlize Theron) and her boyfriend Wally Worthington (Paul Rudd), a young couple who work at the Worthington family apple orchard. Wally leaves to fight in World War II. While Wally is away, Homer and Candy have an affair. Later, Wally's plane is shot down and he becomes paralyzed from the waist down. When he returns home, Candy decides that she must take care of him and not be with Homer. Mr. Rose (Delroy Lindo) and his team are migrant workers who are employed seasonally at the orchard by the Worthingtons. Mr. Rose impregnates his own daughter, Rose Rose (Erykah Badu), and Homer performs an abortion for her. Homer decides to return to the orphanage after the accidental death of Dr. Larch, and works as the new director. Homer learns at the end of the film that doctor Larch had faked Homer's medical record to keep him out of the war.


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Director: John Landis
Genre: Comedy
Release date: 6 February 1998

Cast: Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman, Joe Morton, Evan Bonifant, Steve Cropper
Erykah as: Queen Mousette

The plot
Blues Brothers 2000 picks up 18 years after The Blues Brothers, with Elwood being released from prison, this time a rather high-tech private prison rather than the old Illinois state prison depicted in the first film. He learns that his brother, Jake (John Belushi) has died, along with their surrogate father figure Curtis (Cab Calloway), and that the orphanage the two had saved in the first film is no more; however he is told of a half brother (of sorts). The "half brother" is the illegitimate son of Curtis, named Cabel "Cab" Chamberlain (Joe Morton). Cab is a chief in the police force and refuses to reunite with or support Elwood, a habitual criminal. Elwood takes a job as an announcer in a nightclub (A strip club owned by the drummer of the Blues Brothers band), where he discovers that the bartender (played by John Goodman) has singing talent, while getting on the bad side of the Russian mafia who have been demanding payoffs from the nightclub. After the Russian mafia burns down the club, Elwood resolves to put the band back together once again with John Goodman's character as his new partner and a 10-year old orphan named Buster (J. Evan Bonifant) also tagging along. The band travels to several locations shown in the first film with a depiction of how they have changed in the intervening years (Bob's Country Bunker for example is now Bob's Country Kitchen, a family restaurant). As well as upsetting the mafia, Elwood also falls foul of a "white power group" and the police force, headed by a zealous Cab. Finally, the band heads south to Louisiana with the intention of entering a battle of the bands held at the home of a voodoo practitioner named Queen Moussette, played by Erykah Badu. At the battle of the bands they compete against B.B. King's band. Ironically, the B. B. King's character started the band only after Elwood bought a police car from him in the beginning of the film.