'Queeny' Kolleen Wright

Kolleen raised Erykah single handily along with her brother and sister, since their father had left the family home early on in their lives. Kollen Wright, performed as an actress in various theatrical productions to provide for her family. Having been influenced significantly by her mother, Erica Wright had her first taste of showbiz at the tender age of 4, singing and dancing with her mother at the Dallas Theatre Centre. Erykah says that her mother is magical. She taught her she was the best and that she is winner. And Erykah believed her. And as a result, she never lost anything, ever. Kolleen says: "It's going to sound like bragging but it is fact. She is the most generous, truthful person that I know. If she weren't my daughter, I would definitely want her as my best friend. She is true to herself. She is no joke. She is who she is. She is a strict vegan. She is very much down to earth and doesn't take herself too seriously."

Koryan Wright

Badu's younger sister Koryan (nickname: Koko, stage name: Nayrok) is one of Erykah's backup singers but also manages a career on her own. Koryan calls her music style "Hoodrok" - a combination of rock and hip-hop with a funk twist. Koryan's initial influence in music was inspired by her mother's record collection. She was a member of her church choir and the Maureen F. Bailey Concert Choir of Dallas. Koko's love of hip-hop and performing flourished when she and her sister formed a rap group called Susta MCs. On stage Koryan is uncharacteristically the opposite of her otherwise demure person. She performs with a band and sings from a perspective inspired by years of love-hate relationships, triumphs and shortcomings. A car accident in 1999 caused by a drunken driver in Houston left Koko with two severely broken legs and two years of rehabilitation. This life-altering event briefly snatched some physical capabilities but strengthened her mentally and musically. The accident also gave rise to her personal motto, with which Koryan ends every show: "Live Hard, Love Hard, and Rock Harder."

Eevin Wright
Badu's younger brother, Eevin, travels with her and serves as her merchandise manager. He is a very important person in Erykah's life. Eevin took part in recording Erykah's "Worldwide Underground" album.

Thelma Gipson

Mrs Gipson often helped Erykah's mother in looking after her children, when Kolleen had to work as an actress to provide for her family. She is very produ of Erykah. She says: "I knew she was going to become famous-even as a little girl 2 or 3 years old, she was always performing. Everything comes natural to her, it is her gift from the Lord."

Viola Wilson

Erykah's grandma Viola Wilson says that Badu is passing on the same kind of confidence and self-esteem that she and other family members instilled to her daughter, Puma. "Puma told me one day, 'I am wonderful, I am beautiful.' And I said 'you go girl.'"

Gwendolyn Hargrove

Erykah says that Gwen taught her how to be a lady - a self-assured, elegant lady onstage and off. Gwen says: "All of us together made sure Erykah went into a positive direction and cultivated the arts. We nurtured that.

Robert "Free" Bradford

Badu and her cousin, Robert "Free" Bradford, formed a duo called Erykah Free and performed at progressive nightspots around Dallas. The group performed before Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest and Mobb Deep but eventually felt apart and both, Erykah and Robert, decided to go on their own. Robert was a producent of the "Baduizm".


Seven Sirius (born Nov 18, 1997 at 2:07 PM in Dallas)
Puma (born Jul 5, 2004 in Dallas)
Mars Merkaba (born Feb 1, 2009 at 1:30 PM in Dallas)